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SMI Select Publications 


  1. Norris, Kate & Lohn, Andrew & Onishi, Takehiro & Coleman, Elane & Wong, Vernon & Shakouri, Ali & Tompa, Gary & Kobayashi, Nobuhiko. (2012). MOCVD Growth of Erbium Monoantimonide Thin Film and Nanocomposites for Thermoelectrics. Journal of Electronic Materials. 41. 10.1007/s11664-012-2094-6. 

  2. T. Onishi, A. J. Lohn, E. Coleman, G. S. Tompa, N. P. Kobayashi, “Reflection Absorption Infrared Spectroscopy Study on the Spontaneous Formation of Erbium Monoantimonide Nanoparticles on Indium Antimonide Surfaces”, 2011 MRS Spring Meeting (April 25-29, 2011, San Francisco, California, USA).

  3. K. J. Norris, T. Onishi, A. J. Lohn, N. Padgaonkar, V. Wong, E. Coleman, G. S. Tompa, N. P. Kobayashi, "Nanocomposites for thermoelectric power generation: rare-earth metal monoantimonide nanostructures embedded in InGaSb and InSbAs ternary alloys", Proc. SPIE 8106, Nanoepitaxy: Materials and Devices III, 81060Q (16 September 2011).


Ferroic Materials

  1. J. I. Yang, A. Welsh, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, R. G. Polcawich, D. M. Potrepka, S. Trolier-McKinstry,"Annealing behavior and electrical properties of atomic layer deposited PbTiO3 and PZT films", Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 2018 36:3.

  2. N. M. Sbrockey, T. S. Kalkur, A. Mansour, H. Khassaf, H. Yu, M. Aindow, S. P. Alpay, and G. S. Tompa, "Switchable and tunable film bulk acoustic resonator fabricated using barium strontium titanate active layer and Ta2O5/SiO2 acoustic reflector", Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 052902, 2016.

  3. T. S. Kalkur, A. Mansour, M. Hmeda, P. Alpay, N. M. Sbrockey,and G. S. Tompa, “Tunable and Switchable Bulk Acoustic Resonator with Graded BST Composition,” Integrated Ferroelectrics 173, 113-118 (2016).
  4. H. Khassaf, N. Khakpash, F. Sun, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, T. S. Kalkur, and S. P. Alpay, "Strain engineered barium strontium titanate for tunable thin film resonators", Applied Physics Letters 2014 104:20. 
  5. G. Subramanyam, M. W. Cole, Nian X. Sun, T. S. Kalkur, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, X. Guo, C. Chen, S. P. Alpay, G. A. Rossetti, Jr., K. Dayal, L. Chen,and D. G. Schlom, "Challenges and opportunities for multi-functional oxide thin films for voltage tunable radio frequency/microwave components", Journal of Applied Physics 114, 191301 (2013).
  6. N. M. Sbrockey, M. Luong, E. M. Gallo, J. D. Sloopy, G. Chen, C. R. Winkler, S. H. Johnson, M. L. Taheri, G. S. Tompa, and J. E. Spanier,"LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Epitaxial Heterostructures by Atomic Layer Deposition", Journal of Elec Materi (2012) 41: 819.
  7. N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, T. S. Kalkur, J. Zhang, S. P. Alpay, and M. W. Cole. "Voltage induced acoustic resonance in metal organic chemical vapor deposition SrTiO3 thin", lm. Journal of Vac. Sci. and Tech. 30, 061202 (2012).
  8. T. S. Kalkur, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, and M. W. Cole,"Tunable RF filters with graded-composition, MOCVD-deposited BST Capacitors", 2011 ISAF/PFM, (2011): 1-4.
  9. N. M. Sbrockey, M. W. Cole , T. S. Kalkur , M. Luong , J. E. Spanier and G. S. Tompa, "MOCVD Growth of Compositionally Graded BaxSr1-xTiO3 Thin Films", Integrated Ferroelectrics, June 2011.
  10. N. M. Sbrockey, S. Sun, and G. S. Tompa,"Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition of Monolithic and Functionally Graded BST Films", Integrated Ferroelectrics,  June 2011.
  11. T. S. Kalkur, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, and S. P. Alpay, "Design and Simulation of Tunable Ka Band Filters with Graded Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) Varactors", Integrated Ferroelectrics, June 2011.
  12. D. Bruzzese, K. J. Fahnestock, C. L. Schauer, J. E. Spanier, C. V. Weiss, S. P. Alpay, M. W. Cole, N. M. Sbrockey, and G. S. Tompa, "The Optical Dielectric Function in Monolithic BaxSr1-xTiO3 Films", Integrated Ferroelectrics, December 2009.
  13. N. M. Sbrockey, J. D. Cuchiaro, L. G. Provost, C. E. Rice, S. Sun, G. S. Tompa, R. L. DeLeon, and T.S. Kalkur, "Laser Annealing of Ferroelectric SrBi2Ta2O9 Pb(ZrXTi1-X)O3 and CeMnO3 Thin Films", Materials Research Society, 2003.
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  15. G. S. Tompa, A. Colibaba-evulet, J. D. Cuchiaro, L. G. Provost, G. Heubner, D. Hadnagy , T. Davenport , S. Sun , F. Chu , G. Fox , R. J. Doppelhammer, and, "Mocvd process model for deposition of complex oxide ferroelectric thin films", ISIF, July 2001.


Gallium Oxide

  1. Y. Yao, S. Okur, L. A. M. Lyle, G. S. Tompa, T. Salagaj, N. Sbrockey, R. F. Davis and L. M. Porter "Growth and characterization of α-, β-, and ϵ-phases of Ga2O3 using MOCVD and HVPE techniques", Materials Research Letters, 6:5, 268-275, March 2018.

  2. H. Sun, K. Li, C. G. Torres-Castanedo, S. Okur, G. S. Tompa, T. Salagaj, S. Lopatin, A. Genovese, and X. Li, "HCl Flow-induced Phase Change of α-, β- and ε-Ga2O3 Films Grown by MOCVD", Crystal Growth & Design, March 2018.

  3. S. Okur, G. S. Tompa, N. M. Sbrockey, T. Salagaj, V. Blank, B. Henninger, M. Baldini, G. Wagner, Z. Galazka, Y. Yao, J. Rokholt, R. F. Davis, L. M. Porter, and A. Belkind “Growth of Ga2O3 for Power Device Production” Vacuum Technology and Coating, May 2017. 

  4. Y. Yao, L. A. M. Lyle, J. A. Rokholt, S. Okur, G. S. Tompa, T. Salagaj, N. Sbrockey, R. F. Davis, and L. M. Porter, "(Invited) Growth and Characterization of α-, β-, and ε-Ga2O3 Epitaxial Layers on Sapphire", Electrochemical Society Transactions 2017 80: 191-196.

  5. Michele Baldini, Martin Albrecht, Andreas Fiedler, Klaus Irmscher, Robert Schewski, and Günter Wagner “Si- and Sn-Doped Homoepitaxial β-Ga2O3 Layers Grown by MOVPE on (010)-Oriented Substrates”, ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, Berlin, Germany, October 2016. 

  6. N. M. Sbrockey, T. Salagaj, E. Coleman, G. S. Tompa, Y. Moon, and M. S. Kim, “Large-Area MOCVD Growth of Ga2O3 in a Rotating Disc Reactor”, Journal of Electronic Materials, May 2015, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp 1357–1360.


  1. ​​E. M. Gallo, B. I. Willner, J. Hwang, S. Sun, M. Spencer, T. Salagaj, W. C. Mitchel, N. M. SbrockeyG. S. Tompa, "Chemical vapor deposition of graphene on copper at reduced temperatures", SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering, August 2012.

  2. Md. W. K. Nomani, V. Shields, G. Tompa, N. M. Sbrockey, M. G. Spencer, R. A. Webb, and G. Koley, "Correlated conductivity and work function changes in epitaxial graphene", Applied Physics Letters, March 2012. 

  3. Md.W.K. Nomani, R. Shishir, M. Qazi, D. Diwan, V.B. Shields, M.G. Spencer, G. S. Tompa, N. M. Sbrockey, G. Koley, "Highly sensitive and selective detection of NO2 using epitaxial graphene on 6HSiC", Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical,September 2010.


  1. K. J. Norris, V. K. Wong, T. Onishi, A. J. Lohn, E. Coleman, G. S. Tompa, N. P. Kobayashi, "Reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy analysis of the evolution of ErSb on InSb", Surface Science, October 2012.


Zinc Oxide

  1. G. S. Tompa, S. Sun, L. G. Provost, D. Mentel, D. Sugrim, P. Chan, K. Tong, R. Wong, and A. Lee, "Large Area Multi-Wafer MOCVD of Transparent and Conducting ZnO Films", Materials Research Society, 2007.

  2. N.M. Sbrockey & S. Ganesan, "ZnO Thin Films by MOCVD", III-Vs Review, 2004 - Elsevier. 

  3. C.E. Rice, G.S. Tompa, L.G. Provost, N. M. Sbrockey, J. Cuchiaro, "MOCVD Zinc Oxide Films For Wide Bandgap Applications", Materials Research Society, 2003.

  4. E. W. Forsythe, Y. Gao, L. G. Provost, and G. S. Tompa, "Photoemission spectroscopy analysis of ZnO:Ga films for display applications", J. Vac. Sci. Technol., August 1999.



  1. E. A. Azhar, J. Vanjaria, S. Ahn, T. Fou, S. K. Dey, T. Salagaj, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, and H. Yu, "Vapor-Transport Synthesis and Annealing Study of ZnxMg1–xO Nanowire Arrays for Selective, Solar-Blind UV-C Detection", ACS Omega 2018 3 (5), 4899-4907.

  2. S. Okur, T. Salagaj, N. M. Sbrockey, G. S. Tompa, J. Vanjaria, E. Azhar, H. Yu, "Large Area Uniform  VLSI Nanowire Growth Tool”, Vacuum Technology and Coating, November 2017.

Aluminum Oxide

  1. D. M. Fryauf, A. C. Phillips, M. J. Bolte, A. Feldman, G. S. Tompa, and N. P. Kobayashi, "Scaling Atomic Layer Deposition to Astronomical Optic Sizes Low-Temperature Aluminum Oxide in a Meter-Sized Chamber", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2018, 10 (48), pp 41678-41689. 


  1. M. R. Latif, M. Mitkova, G. S. Tompa, E. Coleman, "PECVD of GexS1-x films for nano-ionic redox conductive bridge memristive switch memory", 2013 IEEE Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices (WMED), 1 - 4. 

*SMI employees are indicated in bold

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