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Structured Materials Industries, Inc. (SMI) provides a complete line of frame design and manufacturing capabilities focused on supporting advance research and manufacturing tools. Special focus areas are on economic customer assembled frames, pre-assembled low cost frames, and ultra-rugged all welded frames. Either frame design may include enclosing panels and doors (solid or windowed) for added safety when working with toxic gases or volatile precursors, safety interlocks, special interfaces, and so on.

          Economic customer assembled frames: SMI uses computer design software to lay out and configure extruded Al strut with mechanical unions that minimize cost, eases assembly and allows added flexibility for easy future modifications that are easily preassembled on site by the customer or by SMI personnel.

Custom Frames


          Pre-assembled low cost frames: SMI can pre-assemble extruded Al frames for the customers; including initially installing customers provided hardware.


          Ultra-rugged all welded frames: For permanent or rugged use
applications, SMI offers custom designed welded steel frames for
maximum safety and durability. These frames feature vaped on powder coat epoxy panel. Ideal features include integration of bulkheaded electronics bays, bulkhead separation of gas handling and process operation zones. Enclosed frames are ideal for CVD and other similar processes. These frames may optionally be upgraded to stainless steel in whole or in part.

          Frame Options: Solid or windowed panels or doors, bulkheads,
utility bulkheads (air, gas, exhaust, power), integrated power load centers,
integrated electronic rack mounts, internal unistrut mounting, and
shelving, among others.

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