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SmartCVD Interactive Process Control Systems

SMI offers a user friendly real time SmartCVD Interactive Process Control Industrial system for MOCVD. The systems utilizes spreadsheet format run programing that includes ramp and looping functions. Recipes are easily editable for efficient programing. Other features include a real-time mimic screen of all process components as the primary system operator interface for fully automated sequential layer by layer operation, maintenance routines, manual servicing operation, operator re-configurable parameters, process trend monitors, and safely/alarm capabilities. The system uses an industrial computer and PLC Controller for maximum reliability. Importantly, this control system interfaces with all common in-situ process monitors (optical, RGA, and so on), offers remote access and is provided with training software.















General System Features
• Low cost
• Based on commercial software products
• Graphical user interface in Microsoft Windows environment
• Real time interactive mimic panels of the process system
• Spread sheet interface for process configuration
• Advanced alarm monitoring and management
• Password protection for operator interface
• Real time data logging and display
• Network support for distributed control system
• Automated process documentation generation
• Flexible hardware interface (PLCs, commercial instruments, etc.)
• In-Situ Process Monitoring and Interactive Control
• On-line (Remote) operation, diagnostics and upgrades
• Maintenance Procedures - Resource Consumption routine

Interactive Mimic Panel
• Real time display of digital states (mouse/click toggling). 
• Toggle digital states by a mouse click (switch a value).
• Real time display of analog readings on screen.
• Change analog set points from screen (increase a flow, decrease a temperature..)
• Easy access on screen buttons to change windows, to start process recipe, or to view system status.
• Grouped operations from the recipe panel.
• Several window levels of detail are possible.

Recipe Spread Sheet of growth process
• User friendly spread sheet for process configuration.
• Customized pull down menus.
• Quick switch between process display and spread sheet by a menu command.
• Special growth layer editing commands.

Analog and Digital Display Service Window/ Range and Set Points
• Digital or analog display of all forms of readings: flow, pressure, temperature, rotation, level, power, etc.
• Set (Reset) analog values from the window.
• East access screen buttons for all functions.
• Deviation warning alarm monitoring and display
• Several optional display methods(digital, barograph, meter, etc..).

Control Group Service Window
• Easy user programming of analog and digital associations
• Digital group state configuration and naming

Trending Analysis Window
• Monitor one or several key process parameters in time.
• Strip chart recording format.

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