SMI Consulting Services

System Conversions and Rebuilds

SMI provides specialized engineering services to upgrade or refurbish pre-existing thin film deposition equipment, components, and devices. SMI has an extensive history in fabricating research tools and components, in which it has extended this capability to enhance as well as extend the life of aging systems. This service extends to tools from all thin film deposition equipment vendors as well as to enhancing home built R&D systems.

Start-up Incubation

SMI can assist entrepreneurs in growing their business by providing workspace, funding advisement, mentoring, and training. In addition, SMI will also provide in this service help with business fundamentals, networking opportunities, strategic guidance, and product development.

SBIR/STTR and Venture Capital Advisement

SMI has been the recipient of over 150 SBIR/STTR awards. As a service, SMI can help entrepreneurs make their government funded proposals more competitive through writing review, support generation, and concept organization. 

Analytical and Performance Improvement

SMI allows researchers and developers to seek advisement from its team of knowledgeable science professionals. Services available include analytic characterization and material processing capabilities using SMI’s in-house applications laboratory. 

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