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CVD Components

Components for MOCVD, CVD and Related Technologies

Through SMI’s in house Application Laboratory efforts and our sales, we have gained significant experience in CVD system and subsystem technology – this includes components we make, as well as how to integrate and use standard commercial components such as showerheads, heaters, chambers, wafer carriers, frame, pumps, mass flow controllers, liquid flow controllers, pumps, liquid delivery flash evaporation modules, valve selection, gauging, tubing, materials of construction and so on. Hence, SMI offers experienced component design and selection assistance, well proven system components for a variety of materials and process integration understanding - following are some example component products.

We can make any component that could be integrated into your system!

• Showerheads

• Reactor Chambers

• Heater Assemblies

• Vapor Delivery System / Filters / Condensers

• Gas Panel Delivery System

• Robotic and Manual Transfer Systems

• SmartCVD Interactive Process Control Systems

• Rotation Control Assembly

• Plasma Enhancement / Etch Options

• Control Boxes

Custom Frames

• Wire Wrap & Insulated Sleeves

• Exhaust Pumping System

Gas Cabinets

• Abatement Systems

• Gas Sensors

• In Site Process Monitors

• Pinch Rings

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