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MOCVD System Upgrade & Refurbishment

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. provides specialized engineering services to Upgrade or refurbish pre-existing MOCVD equipment. SMI has a long history in manufacturing MOCVD tools and components and has now extended this capability to enhance and extend the life of aging systems. This service extends to tools from all MOCVD vendors as well as to enhancing home built R&D systems.

Rotating Disc Reactors
• Emcore/Veeco
• Thomas Swan
• Many others

Non-Rotating Disc Reactors
• Aixtron
• Many others

Homebuilt Reactor/System
• Horizntal
• Vertical
• Other

Gas Delivery Systems
• Bubbler, Sublimator, Gas, and Flash Evaporator Sources
• Purifiers
• Switching Manifolds
• Dopant Dilution Manifolds
• Pressure Control Systems

Control Systems
• Replace old hardware
• Upgrade ease of operation
• Streamline functions
• Mimic screen / spreadsheet format

Exhaust Systems
• Special gas handling system
• Custom filter requirements

Improved Spare Parts
• Passivated surfaces
• Alternative materials

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