SMI offers a complete line of commercial pump packages with its systems. Pumps are sized and configured to meet your specific needs including operating from sub-Torr to multiple atmospheric pressure in oxidixing, reducing, and toxic atmospheres, among others. Pumping systems include turbo pumping, wet  chemical / corrosive series pumping, and dry pumping of many different styles and configurations. Pumping systems are configured to match process flows, pressure requirements and diverse environments.

Structured Materials Industries SMI Custom Exhaust Pumping Systems
Structured Materials Industries SMI Custom Exhaust Pumping Systems

Custom Exhaust Pumping Systems


Abatement Systems

Structured Materials Industries SMI Abatement Systems

SMI can co-install or help select waste abatement systems or retrofit or refurbish existing toxic gas absorption (TGA) on abatement systems. Several was abatement systems may be selected from to help match customer chemical process needs. SMI Also offers a series of mini-scrubbers for local point of use applications.

In addition to absorption systems, SMI also offers chemical neutralization systems for materials like DIPSe and DIPTe. This same design can also be used to prevent oxygen back diffusion into a system through exhaust.

Toxic, Flammable, and Explosive Gas Monitors

Structured Materials Industries SMI Gas Monitors

SMI works with a broad range of toxics. Gas monitors to detect, measure, and monitor toxics, flammable, and explosive gases. Examples of censors are shown in the images. SMI routinely integrates one to several sensors in its systems-interlocking signals with the control and safely interlock subsystems.

Gas Cabinets

Structured Materials Industries (SMI) Gas Cabinets

SMI works with its systems customers to help assure a safe supply of gases to the customers process tool-this includes the enclosing gas supply cabinet, gas distributors and manifold on board sensors as needed, a local absorption cylinder if needed, and electrical communicator interface(s), among other features.