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SMI provides the customer a complete suite of design to production services, whether from a specialty bubbler or sublimator, to or simple gas panel component configurations, to designing custom systems (or modifying or scaling standard systems), to evaluating how to place one or more systems in a facility – SMI has the tools and experience to provide solutions to customer needs.





Complete floor-planning ensure a fast and convenient system installation and satisfying laboratory workflow area that minimizes space conflicts in advance. Detailing of the complete system configuration helps assure that all of the customer specifications are met in exacting detail – exchange of configurations with customers allows them to see in advance just how the designed system meets their vision. 






A careful design of new and custom tools allow rapid construction and turns on and hence enables customers to progress faster than ever before.

Strutured Materials Industries Design to Producetion MOCVD
Structured Materials MOCVD Sysem

Design to Production

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