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Leasing Services 

SMI works with professionals from starts-up and universities to address spacing and budget limitations by our in-house applications laboratory equipment to economically enable cash conscious businesses to to achieve milestone business development goals without buying expensive thin film deposition equipment.

 SMI maintains several in-house deposition tools, analytic equipment, and other material development support tools in its Application Laboratory. In house tools are used to deposite nitrides, carbides, silicides, CNTs, nanowires, Ga₂O₃, chalcogenides, diamond, III-Vs, transparent conductive oxides, superconductors, dielectrics, pyroelectrics, ferroelectrics, and metal organosilanes, among others. Depending upon the material system, tools offer deposition services from cm scale to 19x2" to 8" wafers. SMI's Applications Laboratory is also very flexible in terms of SMI reconfiguring or otherwise modifying its tools in response to customer needs. Deposition tools include vertical and horizontal MOCVD, PECVD, CVD, and ALD tools, as well as a sputter tool.

mocvd, cvd system, hpve system, thin films, semiconductor materials
MOCVD, thin films, vertical reactor, nanoV, resarch tools, semiconductor materials
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