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MOCVD System Conversion

• III-V to Nitride
• III-V to Oxide
• Nitride to Oxide

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. provides specialized engineering services to Convert existing MOCVD equipment from one material system to another. SMI has a long history in manufacturing MOCVD tools and components and has now extended this capability to enable customers to economically adapt pre-existing MOCVD equipment from one material system to another. Examples are the conversion of excess III-V production MOCVD tools to meet oxide contact layer deposition needs, the conversion of excess nitride tool to pursue ZnO research and development, and conversion of excess III-V tools to II-VI materials. Alternatively, systems can be converted to incorporate plasma or UV enhancement. This service extends to tools from all MOCVD vendors as well as to enhancing existing home-built R&D systems.

Rotating Disc Reactors
• Emcore/Veeco
• Thomas Swan
• Many others

Non-Rotating Disc Reactors
• Aixtron
• EMF CVD Equipment
• Many others

Homebuilt reactors/Systems
• Horizontal tube
• Vertical static
• Other

Gas Delivery Systems
• Bubbler, Sublimator, Gas, and Flash              

Evaporator Sources
• Purifiers
• Switching Manifolds
• Dopant Dilution Manifolds
• Pressure Control

Control Systems
• Manual Systems of obsolete Systems to

Automated Systems with mimic ……

screen/spreadsheet control format

Exhaust Systems
• Reducing atmospheres to oxidizing …atmospheres
• Oxidizing atmospheres to reducing atmospheres

• Other

New Process Environment Compliant Spare Parts

MOCVD Systems designed by Structured Materials Industries
Structured Materials Industries (SMI) MOCVD Systems
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