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Manual MOCVD Systems

SMI's Examples of Manual Systems




  Pilot Production



  Fluidized Bed


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Structured Materials Industries Systems
  • Scalable rotating susceptor platform – from 3” to 34” or linear through 12” wafers

  • Fully automatable (Smart CVD™ PC/PLC based control system)

  • Conventional CVD, MOCVD, PECVD, and ALD operating modes

  • Compatible with plasma and UV enhancement

  • In-situ process monitors: temperature, deposition rates, curvature, and so on..

  • Transfer/load lock or Robotic cluster tool wafer handling systems available

  • Radial reactant distribution control for maximum uniformity, composition control and minimization of depletion in RDR SpingCVD™ system.

  • Reactive species are isolated unitl they mix in the reactor before the substrate to minimize pre-reactions

  • Customization is embraced

  • All metal and ceramic construction built to UHV standards

  • Leading vendor components used for all standard components (valves, MFC’s, gauges, etc.)

  • Only highest quality new materials used

  • Gas Source Cabinet System

  • Abatement System

  • Safety System

  • Gas generating systems

  • Toxic flammable and explosive gas monitoring


Common System Features

SMI Horizontal SpinCVD™ R&D Tool

SMI Horizontal SpinCVD™ R&D Tool

SMI Vertical SpinCVD™ R&D Tool

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. offers a full line of MOCVD, CVD, PECVD, FBCVD, and ALD system technologies including it’s signature SpinCVDTM use of RDR CVD tools for sale, ranging from R&D scale to Pilot to Production Systems. The reactors are designed in such a way that processes can easily be scaled-up to larger reactors once the processes have been qualified. Supporting all SMI designs and assemblies are state of the art Modeling and three dimensional (Solid Works™) pre-construction engineering design (See the Design and Modeling sections). SMI also custom designs for its customers or to its customers specifications and application needs. SMI systems provide sectional solutions or complete solutions:


• Deposition Reactor module
• Gas & Vapor Supply, Gas Generators, Gas Purification Modules, and Vapor Delivery modules
• Process Control module
• Electronics module
• Frames, Utilities and Integration modules

• Exhaust module

• Abatement System Modules

• Safety Systems


SMI also provides CVD system kits and components (as described in the Component Section).


SpinCVD™ High Termperature Systems

This tool is capable of growing through 1600°C. Operation for metals and various compound semiconductors. This tool is especially important to growers who are interested in Gallium-Nitride and Silicon-Carbide Growth.

Tape Wire
R&D Systems

Tape / Wire / Web Coating Systems

SMI has a linear coating system with an area of 1" x 11" to 4" x 22" with user-configurable tape speed. It consists of multiple ones for concurrent deposition; pre-and post treatments. These systems are also available with plasma and UV enhancements.

Robotic Manual Transfer Systems

Research and Development Systems

SMI provides research and development for a number of systems and tools. Shown below is a small horizontal tool.

Robotic Manual Transfer Systems
Structured Materials Industries, Inc. (SMI) offers automatic robotic and manual trandsfer load lock systems for substrate and or wafer carrier loading and unloading into our reactors or for custom homebuilt systems. The video shows two cycles of a load rotate and unload process; simulating an actual run cycle. Shown is 5" wafer arrier configured for three 2" wafers. Many other size transfer systems are also available.
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