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Press Release

SMI is a Proud Supporter of the NSF INTERN Program and Science Exchange Programs

Piscataway, NJ - November 19, 2018 - Structured Materials Industries, Inc. (SMI), a manufacturer of custom MOCVD, ALD, and related thin film depositions equipment and a deposition service provider, is proud to help build graduate researcher students in developing their careers through internships and collaborative science exchange programs. These programs give interns valuable first-hand experience in cutting-edge technology industries. Interns participating in such programs can expect the following:

  • Working with industry professionals – research scientists, engineers, etc.

  • Conducting and observing experience with thin film depositions in MOCVD reactors.

  • Experience with using an application laboratory.

  • Gaining knowledge of handling/procuring materials for commercial and government funded research projects.

  • Exposure to budget management for government and commercial funded research projects.

  • Working in an industrial environment.

SMI is currently active in the National Science Foundation (NSF) internship program, called “INTERN”, in which a graduate student works directly with the principal investigator on an NSF funded project. SMI has hosted Mr. Jignesh Vanjaria from Professor Hongbin Yu's group at Arizona State University (ASU) where he has worked with SMI Principal Investigator Dr. Arul Arjunan on a government funded project to develop a SiGeSn based device. In addition, SMI is also separately hosting Mr. Kuang-Hui Li, a visiting PhD. student fromProfessor Xiaohang Li’s group at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia, in a collaborative effort with SMI. Dr. Arjunan, Mr. Vanjaria, and Mr. Kuang-Hui Li were recently featured on an NSF internship video that outlined the NSF program interns working with their non-academic partners (link). 

NSF Intern Video Image 1.jpg

The image shows a screenshot from the SMI scene in the NSF intern program video (link: This scene features SMI Research Scientist Dr. Arjunan (right) interacting with Mr. Vanjaria (NSF program intern and graduate student from Arizona State University (left)) and Mr. Kuang-Hui Li (a visiting PhD. student from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (center)) to review the operation of an in-house GaN tool. The complete video can be found at “”. 

“We take pride in enabling young researchers by providing them with valuable in the field experiences and one-on-one educational lessons with industry professionals.” commented Structured Materials Industries, Inc. President and CEO, Dr. Gary S. Tompa, further adding “In this instance, our NSF intern is able to work directly under our Research Scientist on a day to day basis and interact with guest/visiting scientists. While at SMI, he is also conducting deposition runs, under the supervision of SMI professionals, and gaining insights on practical lab operations; maintaining tools, interacting with vendors operating within a budget and timeline, analyzing results and planning experiments, as well as understanding safety procedures for this government funded project.” 

ASU Professor and Director of NSF IUCRC Center for Efficient Vehicles and Sustainable Transportation Systems, Dr. Hongbin Yu stated “NSF programs, such as INTERN, not only help in training the future workforce directly in an industrial environment; but that it also provides an opportunity for universities to foster a much closer collaboration between university and industry for accelerated technology development and commercial introduction.” 

Dr. Arul Arjunan, Principal Investigator and Research Scientist at Structured Materials Industries, Inc., said “I have always enjoyed working with students and introducing them to new technologies as well as sharing my 20 years of experience in industry and academic research. Needless to say, it is a pleasure working with Professor Yu and Mr. Vanjaria through the NSF INTERN and other programs. We are showing Mr. Vanjaria how to optimize material growth for multiple projects. We sincerely hope that the experiences he gained at SMI will transition into other facets of his career.”

About Structured Materials Industries, Inc.

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. has an extensive history in working with customer/partners to deliver results in SBIR/STTR and other awards. We can provide a support infrastructure for writing award winning proposals and provide the physical support infrastructure for carrying out awarded programs through completing customer innovations or calling on collaborators to fullfill innovations. We are always open to, in confidentially, exploring additional partnerships and collaborations. SMI has worked on various projects featuring Gallium Oxide (in addition to other oxides), TMDs, AlGaN, InGaN, BN, Graphene, CNTs, Nanowires, Compound Semiconductors, Oxides, Dielectrics, Ferroelectrics, Phase Change Chalcogenides, Fuel Cell Materials, Thin Film Batteries, Metals, and so on as well as has grown materials on a diverse set of substrates using in-house tools.

Structured Materials Industries, Inc. (SMI), with over 60 fielded MOCVD tools and 10 MOCVD and ALD process demonstration tools in-house, has extensive result oriented experience in providing materials, hardware, and device assistance to other businesses as well as research and development organizations. SMI is a leading provider of thin film research and development MOCVD, PECVD, and ALD deposition systems for electronic, optical and electro-optic device fabrication, among other applications. We produce systems for research and production, in sizes ranging from stand-alone systems to high volume production tools. SMI also maintains an in-house applications laboratory, with facilities for materials characterization and device fabrication.

To take advantage of SMI material development or consulting services contact us today to get more information and quoted. SMI is also happy to participate in the development of proposals and budgetary quotations!

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