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Major Programs

SMI has several actively and past government and commercial funded programs to develop equipment, process recipes, methodologies, and prototype devices for our customers – the following list some of these efforts.

Graphene – SMI is actively developing graphene production tools in conjunction with multiple partners, graphene sensors, and graphene Thermoaccoustic speakers.

Nanowires – SMI is actively developing Si, SiGe, carbon, ZnO, ZnMgO, GaN, and other nanowires and nanotubes.

HOVPE Technology – a hybride of HVPE and MOCVD for high growth rate InAlGaN and related device materials

Memory Ferroelectrics – as needed for advanced non-volatile memories


IR Transparent Conductive Coating – as needed for infrared applications.

Transparent Conductive Oxides – as needed for displays (of all types), detector and emitter contacts.

Pyroelectrics – as needed for advanced infrared (IR) imaging arrays and other detectors.

ZnMgO – as needed for light emitters and detectors.

LiNbO3 – as needed for electro-optic devices.

Nitrides – AlInGaN as needed for light emitters and power devices; as well as BN.

Al2O3 Passivation – as needed for ferroelectric hydrogen barriers as well as for dielectric applications.


PECVD and Etching Tools - Plasma

HfSiO - and other dielectrics.

SiC – SMI has ongoing funding for SiC MOCVD tool and process development.

HBTs – SMI is assisting development of radiation hard memories through enabling materials and designs.

Thermophotovoltaics – as needed for direct heat to electrical energy conversion.

SiGe – as needed for wireless power transmission photovoltaics.

In-Situ Process Monitors & Control – all film deposition technologies can benefit from improved process monitoring and real time feedback control – SMI is evaluating and refining several techniques.

MOCVD Tools – SMI’s core business is oxide MOCVD equipment and as such we are perpetually refining our tool technologies – from R&D to production.

ALD Technology – an advanced tool/processing technology under development at SMI is Alternating Layer Deposition (ALD) for ultrathin ultra precise conformal coatings.

Chalcogenides – as needed for CRAMs.

Electrolytic – as needed for CBRAM

Radiation Detectors – SMI is assisting development of radiation hard memories through enabling materials and designs.

Radiation Hard Memories – SMI is assisting development of radiation hard memories through enabling materials and designs.

Advanced Vapor Delivery Systems – in answer to growing technology need SMI maintains programs to improve vapor delivery, working with commercial components and custom designers.

Si Photonics – as needed for miniaturization of photonic devices.

Diamond – advanced film deposition and doping processes.

Photonics – SMI is performing advanced optical material development programs for customer applications.

Optical Coatings – SMI has optical coating development programs ongoing.

Superconductors – Advanced enhanced YBCO CVD efforts are progressing in developing superconductor production capability.

Thin Film Battery Electrodes – SMI has efforts in oxide based thin film battery electrode growth.

Reactive Films – as needed in special thermal applications.

Chemical Sensors – advanced film materials as needed for targeted chemical sensing.

Other – Several other support programs are always ongoing at SMI.

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